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    VR Track was profitable

    A new organisational structure for VR Track was adopted at the start of 2013. The new structure aims to improve support for the life cycle of individual infrastructure projects, and it groups the services provided by VR Track under the engineering, construction and maintenance businesses, equipment and materials services, and international operations. 

    The engineering business had a full order book throughout the year. The most important projects included the construction design for the Lielahti-Kokemäki alliance project, construction design for the Kokkola-Riippa and Eskola-Ylivieska double-tracking projects, and the track maintenance register and service agreement for 2013-2014 concluded with the Finnish Transport Agency.

    In April, VR Track began maintenance of the tracks and safety equipment in the Uusimaa region under a new five-year contract.

    Key figures


    • Even though the Finnish track maintenance market is expected to remain at a reasonable level, competition will probably intensify as a result of the slowdown in the construction business and the overall state of the infrastructure engineering sector.

    • In the light of the work situation at the start of 2014 and the known contract tendering during the year, the outlook for VR Track is promising. Especially the business development programme started in 2013 is expected to bring substantial improvements in profitability already during 2014. The development programme covers the period 2013-2015.

    • The outlook for the Swedish track maintenance market is good, and growth is expected to continue in the coming years. VR Track Sweden AB has a strong order book. The company's profitability is expected to improve substantially during 2014.