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  • Solid themes in development of human resources 

    Expertise and a culture that generates success will be the main themes in human resources development. VR Group will draw up an operating plan for identifying and developing strategic expertise at the organisational level. The focus in the development of supervisory work will be on change management skills. A group-wide personnel survey will be carried out at the end of the year. A three-year strategy aimed at improving the image of the VR Group as an employer will also be prepared.

    Development of the bonus schemes will continue. The aim is to find models that are more in accordance with the nature of different tasks in such areas as sales work. A new operating model for vocational training will be introduced as the VR Training Centre is no longer a part of the VR Group.


    The aim of the activities to promote working ability is to ensure a continuous reduction in sick leave absences and employment pension costs. Workplace wellbeing activities will be analysed during the year and the aim is to introduce wellbeing projects that will produce measurable improvements in personnel wellbeing.


    Development of HR systems will continue. The aim is to introduce HR portal reporting in 2014.  The reporting will allow the VR Group to prepare for changes in its personnel structure and provide the management and supervisors with analytical information as management support.


    The employment relationship unit will focus on developing collective agreements, on offering support for the divisions as they prepare for competitive tendering and on providing high-quality labour law advice for Group units.