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    New cash funds, inventories control and reporting system was developed in Avecra 

    The most important investment in 2013 concerned the new cash funds, inventory control and reporting system. Piloting of the system, which started in December, is the last stage in the specification and testing process and the system will be introduced in early 2014. 

    The most significant changes resulting from the system will concern logistics operating models and it will also bring significant improvements in reporting at individual units. The system will replace the outdated cash funds system currently used by Avecra. It will make operations more efficient and will improve customer satisfaction by speeding up the service processes.   

    In 2013, the focus at Avecra has been on planning the catering services that will be provided on the 26 new double-deck restaurant cars that VR has ordered. The cars have a 'Duetto' restaurant on the lower deck and a kiosk on the intermediate deck, with a comfortable passenger compartment with conference services on the upper deck. The new cars will be taken into service in late January/early February 2014 and their state-of-the-art kitchens will allow the preparation of more attractive meals and warm snacks.

    Changes took place in the service offerings at Helsinki Central Station during 2013. Eliel, the venerable station restaurant, was closed down on 28 December 2013 as Avecra discontinued its operations and gave up the premises. In connection with this, Avecra leased the premises where VR used to have its night ticket sales and, after a facelift Baguette & co. moved in during December.

    At the start of 2013, Avecra introduced its new Booster bonus system. As the name suggests, the purpose of the system is to provide an incentive to personnel in their sales efforts. The system also aims to support workplace well-being by rewarding staff members for looking after their health, for providing good customer service and for helping the company achieve its performance targets. 


    Current issues 

    The new cash funds, inventories control and reporting system will be introduced in February. 

    The first Erd double-deck restaurant cars were taken into service on 27 January 2014 and the last car will become operational in January 2015. 

    Avecra concluded a cooperation agreement with Burger-In Oy in November 2013. Under the agreement, a Hesburger restaurant will open in the former premises of Baguette & co at Helsinki Central Station in late January/early February. 

    The Travel Centre Dixi at Tikkurila will be opened in October 2014. Avecra has leased three premises at Dixi and these outlets will open in connection with the inauguration of the travel centre. The new outlets at Dixi will add two kiosks and a cafe (Robert's Coffee) to Avecra's offerings at railway stations.