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    VR Group’s values in safety management

    Safety is one of the VR Group’s key values.




    Safety policy

    VR has a safety policy that defines the importance and meaning of safety within the company. The safety policy provides the basis for the safety programme and long-term safety work. Occupational safety is part of the human resources strategy.





    Rail Safety Programme and its implementation

    The Rail Safety Programme is approved for four-year periods. It lays out the safety goals for the programme period, the achievement of which is ensured through the safety management system. The occupational safety programme is approved separately for each business unit. The programme sets out the occupational safety objectives and measures. Implementation of the programme is verified through the occupational health and work safety management system. The current safety programme covers the years 2011–2014.




    Safety goals

    • Safety is a common issue and requires action by everyone
    • Making risk management part of all decision-making
    • Work accident frequency 18, serious work accidents 0, occupational safety observations 3,500, safety briefings 1,800
    • Thorough examination of deviations
    • Better safety observations



    Successes and setbacks in safety management

    + No deaths or serious injuries among passengers

    + Less damage during shunting

    + Increasing overall safety awareness

    + Supervisors are actively involved in safety work




    Safety risks

    The most probable and dangerous risks in rail traffic are connected with the coordination of rail traffic and trackwork and level crossings.





    Changes in systems and structures during the review period that lead to improvements in safety activities and better results

    • Updating the risk management policy
    • Changes in shunting practices
    • Better safety management
    • Increasing overall safety awareness