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    Rail is the most eco-friendly mode of transport because trains generate fewer emissions and consume less energy than other forms of transport. VR Group is committed to further reducing the environmental impact of its operations.

    The environmental promises are the basis of the VR Group’s environmental activities. They have provided an effective tool for managing its environmental work. The first promise was already made in 2007, and the five current promises cover the years 2013–2020. To fulfil its promises, the VR Group has drawn up an environmental programme in which each unit sets out its own measures for meeting the goals.

    In accordance with its current environmental promises, the VR Group aims to operate in a more energy and material-efficient manner and to increase the use of renewable energy. The company will ensure that there are no chemical leaks polluting the environment during transport or other operations. Customers value cleanliness at stations and on trains.


    Environmental promises 2013–2020:

    • Forward while saving energy
    • More renewable energy
    • Towards cleaner soil and a cleaner landscape
    • Less consumption, more recycling
    • The greenest choice

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