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    VR Group’s values in human resources management

    VR Group’s values are safety and responsibility, self-renewal, achieving success together and an objective-oriented and customer-focused approach. VR Group is implementing these values through good human resources management, which is supplemented by successful and active interaction with the personnel. The management framework and values are continuously discussed and assessed at supervisory training events and workshops.   




    Human resources strategy

    VR Group has assessed its human resources strategy in connection with business strategy updates, and the measures supporting the strategy have been derived from the requirements of business operations. The Group has listed the following issues as the joint themes in its human resources strategy:

    • developing the work of supervisors, supporting change,
    • measures that promote productivity as well as workplace wellbeing and expertise and that generate culture
    • success



    Objectives of human resources management (2013)

    • Developing the work of supervisors
    • Promoting working ability and workplace wellbeing
    • Developing bonus schemes that support business operations
    • Reorganising the training activities of the VR Group
    • Reducing personnel costs
    • Introducing the HR Master system



    Successes and setbacks in HR activities


    +  Focusing on the development of supervisory work is bringing results,
        and satisfaction with the work of the supervisors has improved significantly.

    +  Staff members are becoming more interested in developing the organisation
        and its activities.

    +  Activities to promote working ability are taking place on a more effective basis and
        there has been a substantial reduction in the costs resulting from disability.
        At the same time, there has also been a drop in sick leave absences.

    +  The Board of Directors has prepared and approved a bonus strategy and bonus manual.

    +  The transfer of the training activities of the VR Training Centre went as planned.

    +  New collective agreements were negotiated with trade unions representing
        VR personnel in accordance with the employment and growth agreement.  


    – Communication and interaction between the management, employees and
       employee representatives in change situations has not always been successful.  

    – Drivers' union called a strike in 1.11.2013.





    Changes in systems and structures during the review period that improved HR activities and results

    • A group-wide HR information system was introduced. The system has facilitated the work of supervisors and the management of employment relationship life cycles.

    • The service model of the HR unit has been put on a clearer basis. 

    • An HR steering group has been established to support the business-oriented nature of HR operations. It comprises the management of different business operations.

    • Recruitment partners have been selected by means of competitive tendering, new framework agreements have been concluded and reform of the recruitment operating model has been initiated.  




    Opportunities and risks in human resources matters

    +  Broad range of personnel skills and competence reforms

    +  Development of human resources management practices and management systems

    +  Better ability to introduce changes

    +  Reputation as an employer, more positive image

    +  Successful working ability and workplace wellbeing activities

    +  Cooperation within the group

    –  Ensuring future competence is essential

    –  Communication and interaction on changes are essential