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    VR’s values in customer relationship management

    VR Group’s values state that the customer is the focus for its business. The other values – safety and responsibility, objective-oriented operations, self renewal and being successful – also play a key role in customer relationship management. VR offers high-quality, safe and easily accessible services that it develops together with customers.




    The customer in the strategies of the business areas

    The customer is a key focus in the strategies of all the business areas. Customer service models have been created based on the needs of different customer groups. Products and services are being targeted so that they better meet and anticipate the needs of the customer groups. VR Group’s business operations aim to be customer-oriented, high quality and self-renewing.



    Customer service goals

    • Improving the customer experience
    • Increasing customer satisfaction
    • Continuous development of services in cooperation with customers
    • Dynamic, high quality operations
    • Generating added value for the customer
    • Implementing internal quality criteria
    • Developing customer service skills of personnel



    Successes and setbacks in customer service

    + Improvements in service quality

    + Positive feedback from customers about friendliness and service-minded attitude of customer service personnel

    + Professionalism and expertise

    + Service attitude

    + Cooperation with customers

    + New ticket options and pricing give customers greater choice

    + Managing exceptional circumstances and customer communications in connection with these

    + Fluency of border traffic has maintained high

    + Right timing of invoicing increased

    – Further improvement needed in quality of customer service




    Opportunities and risks in customer service

    + Ability to serve internationally

    + New services and modern rolling stock enable growth

    + Dynamic, self renewing customer service

    + Strong expertise and easy cooperation

    + Better management of disruptions and producing passenger information

    + diversity in business and in product and process development

    – Heavy regulation compared to other modes of transport

    – Economic recession





    Changes in systems or structures during the review period that improve customer service

    • Changes in channels for ticket sales
    • New special offer rail tickets
    • Veturi customer loyalty scheme
    • Actions to improve quality and condition of rolling stock
    • Actions to improve quality of day-to-day customer service
    • Actions to improve punctuality
    • Improved customer reporting
    • phased introduction of RFID