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    In passenger services, the year was marked by major rolling stock investments

    The new steering cars were presented in April. The first of the new restaurant cars entered service in January 2014.

    The online shop of Pohjolan Liikenne established itself as a popular sales outlet and the company won a number of major contracts. Avecra updated its cash funds system and worked on the service concept for the new restaurant cars.

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    Key events in 2013 for Passenger Services

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    • The website vr.fi will be updated and made easier to use. Veturi customers will be offered personalised services: savings on favourite tickets, tailored services and easy changing of tickets. VR will make offers and tips a more prominent part of Veturi by increasing the number of partners' offers and by introducing a hotel booking service.

    •  The new restaurant cars entered service in 2014. The last of the 25 cars will become operational in January 2015. Modernisation of the rolling stock will continue, and in 2014 VR will start planning the replacement of all blue cars with double deck cars. After that, all IC-trains will have a unified service concept. The aim is to withdraw all blue cars from service by 2019.

    •  The Travel Centre Dixi at Tikkurila will be opened in late 2014. The opening of the travel centre will substantially improve the services available to airline passengers. The opening of the Ring Rail Line in 2015 will mark the completion of the service upgrading process.