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  • Changes in the work of supervisors

    During the year in review, the focus was on developing the work of supervisors.

    The reforms in supervisory structures and the recruitment of supervisors that began in 2012 were completed during the year, while coaching and workshops continued.  Management work was extensively assessed with 360 degree feedback and a personnel survey focusing on the quality of supervisory work. Satisfaction with the work of the supervisors has improved and the target for the work condition barometer for 2013 was exceeded. During the year in review, the managerial index stood at 3.57 (compared with 3.42 in 2012). A total of 70 per cent of all employees responded to the personnel survey (compared with 64 per cent in 2012). The higher response rate shows that staff members want to influence and participate in the development of their workplace. 


    Promoting working ability and workplace wellbeing

    The working ability and wellbeing of the personnel was improved as part of the "Virtaa" project. One of the aims of the project was to reduce sick leave absences, and the targeted level was already reached halfway through the project. There were improvements in other working ability indicators as well. The project also helps to prevent disability and reduce health-care costs.  As part of the project, the VR Group started testing a practice in which a sick leave absence only requires a supervisor's approval and in which partially disabled employees are provided with less demanding work. The fact that the development of workplace wellbeing has been made a responsibility of the development and training unit shows that the VR Group sees the work as part of other ways of developing human resources.  


    Better HR systems

    VR Group introduced a new personnel and employment information management system during the year. The system helps to put the processes for managing the life cycles of employment relationships on an electronic and efficient basis and gives supervisors better access to personnel data. The introduction went smoothly and positive feedback was received on the system. 

    The development of payroll management continued with an external partner. During the year in review, the focus was on improving the quality of payroll calculation, reducing manual work and increasing payroll reporting. 


    Training for the railway sector moved to Kouvola

    The VR Training Centre, provider of railway training, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013. Under an agreement concluded with the City of Kouvola, vocational training was made part of the Kouvola Region Vocational College from the start of 2014. Most of the staff at the VR Training Centre will become employees of the college. In addition to the transfer project, a new operating model for the administration of vocational training that will remain a part of the VR Group and cooperation with the new partner was drawn up. 


    Personnel structure 

    There were no major changes in VR’s personnel structure during 2013. Average of 10 234 empoyers worked in VR Group during the year. The number of person years was reduced by 316, of which the sale of Coronet accounted for approximately 170 employees. Traffic control was made into a separate subsidiary (Finrail Oy); approximately 450 employees were transferred there on 1 January 2013. The outplacement centre, which had been established to support the change programme, ceased operations during the year. VR continues to adhere to the change security model in accordance with the principles observed in the Group. A total of 514 persons retired during the year. 


    New collective agreements

    New collective agreements were negotiated with trade unions in 2013. The collective agreements are based on the employment and growth agreement concluded by central labour market organisations in August. The current agreements for VR employees will remain in force until the end of the agreement period and the new collective agreements will enter into force in the summer of 2014.