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  • Three core business sectors

    VR Group has three core business sectors. These are VR, providing passenger services; VR Transpoint, providing logistics services; and VR Track, specialising in infrastructure engineering. The train operations and maintenance units and the Russia and International Business division support the business divisions.

    Passenger Services


    VR Group’s passenger services include rail passenger services operated by VR and the bus and coach services provided by Pohjolan Liikenne. Some 98 million journeys are made on the Group’s trains and buses each year. Avecra provides additional services for passengers on trains and at railway stations with its restaurant and catering services. Avecra is a subsidiary of VR Group, and the international Rail Gourmet Group has a minority holding in Avecra.

    The largest customer segments for VR and Pohjolan Liikenne are commuters and business travellers, students, families and other leisure travellers.

    HSL (Helsinki Region Transport) is a major customer for rail and road passenger services. HSL purchases commuter rail services from VR and bus services from Pohjolan Liikenne in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

    Read more: www.vr.fiwww.pohjolanliikenne.fi and www.avecra.fi




    VR Transpoint is the leading logistics business in Finland and in traffic between Finland and Russia. It provides railway logistics services, and mass goods and international logistics services by road. 

    VR Transpoint´s customers are Finnish and international companies in the forest, metal and chemical industries and large and medium-sized companies that need logistics solutions for mass goods carryings. Forwarding companies and other logistics businesses are also important customer sectors.  

    Read more: www.vrtranspoint.fi


    Infrastructure Engineering


    VR Track Oy is a construction company that specialises in infrastructure engineering and is one of the biggest companies in its field in Finland. The company has extensive experience in the design, construction and maintenance of railway networks. VR Track has also expanded its operations to infrastructure engineering and maintenance projects outside the railway sector.  International growth focuses on engineering, construction and maintenance work for the railway network and in these areas Sweden is the most important market. 

    VR Track’s customers include the Government, municipalities, ports and companies using railway services and other infrastructure engineering services.

    Read more: www.vrtrack.fi




    The maintenance unit provides maintenance services for rail rolling stock mainly to VR Group’s divisions and support units. It also has the associated companies Pääkaupunkiseudun Junakalusto Oy and Karelian Trains Ltd as its customers. The maintenance unit is responsible for maintaining railway rolling stock at six depots and two workshops. VR Technology, which is part of the maintenance unit, provides expert services for railway rolling stock and systems.

    Train Operations


    The train operations unit provides internal services for VR Group’s business operations. The unit is responsible for locomotive and train driver services and for some of the Group’s common planning duties. It also has an operations centre, which is responsible for managing rail traffic during service disruptions.  

    The main customers for train operations are VR Group’s logistics and passenger services divisions and rolling stock maintenance services.

    Russia and International Business

    Venäjä ja kansainväliset toiminnot

    The Russia and International Business division promotes and develops VR Group’s international business in cooperation with the business divisions. The Group has international business in passenger services, logistics and infrastructure engineering, mainly in Russia and Sweden. Russia and International Business also looks after the Group’s interests on the international front, including EU lobbying and relations with Russia, and it is responsible for VR Group’s representative office in Moscow. VR Group

    has altogether some 750 people working in international duties in the different business divisions.


    Corenet acquired by Governia Ltd

    VR Group and TDC Oy Finland, which provides telecommunications services for corporations, sold the entire share capital of Corenet Ltd to Governia Ltd on 4 November 2013. Corenet provides telecommunications network solutions and telecommunications services for companies and organisations.