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  • Cleanliness and a pleasant atmosphere are part of the travel experience

    Making trains and stations cleaner and more pleasant is one of the VR Group's environmental promises. The aim is that at least 85 per cent of customers are satisfied with the level of cleanliness on trains and at stations. In 2013, the figure was 81 per cent.

    New and refurbished rolling stock and reducing the number of cars with hopper toilets are part of the process of making trains cleaner. All blue cars will be withdrawn from service by the year 2019.

    VR receives a great deal of feedback on train toilets in customer satisfaction surveys. A great deal of effort has gone into keeping them clean. The cleaning of trains is continuously monitored so that travelling comfort would remain at a high level.

    The decision to make all passenger trains smoke-free has also made trains cleaner and helped to improve the quality of indoor air. The smoking booths on long-distance cars were removed in 2013.

    VR is now washing the inside and outside of the commuter trains more frequently. Cleaning during the journey and at intermediate stations has also been increased during the past few years. VR cleans trains at 26 locations around Finland each day.

    The Magic Garden was displayed at the Helsinki Central Station in May–August. The garden consisted of dozens of household plants of different shapes and colours.

    Cleanliness and tidiness are particularly important from the perspective of occupational safety at the VR Group's workshops, depots, work sites and terminals. In a clean and tidy working environment, the work can be carried out efficiently and in a safe manner. Cleanliness is also a theme in the work aimed at improving and maintaining quality, such as the 'Sujuva' (smooth) quality improvement programme of VR maintenance.